Mario Sampaio Ribeiro

My name is Mario Sampaio Ribeiro, and I’m a 3D Visualization Artist since 1996.

I consider myself a quiet person with a strong sense of organization and responsibility.
I like working in a production team environment, learning and exploring new things.


In all those years of experience, I got to do many different tasks, from 3D Modeling/Illumination to Technical Director/Render Wrangler, 3D Camera Tracker to Real Time Projects, among others.
Since 2010 I work as a 3D Artist Freelancer and as an Instructor of 3D Studio Max and Boujou.

I work with 3D Studio Max since 1.0 (1997) and Vray since 1.09 (2003).
I have great knowledge of Photoshop, some After Effects and even some editing with Final Cut or Premiere Pro.